About Us

Superior Attire launched in 2017 by founder and CEO - Luke Hennessy with the intention of creating a brand that strives to inspire others. Through the quality of our products to our customer service, our goal is to become one of the leading brands within the industry. 

Custom fits. Custom details. 100% committed - we care about what our customers think about us.

Our motto Born to be Superior is not about being better than others, it's a mindset. Believe in yourself to achieve your goals and never let failures define you as a person as these will make you stronger. Have the mindset that you can and you will.

Our Story So Far


Superior started as a made to order business where we used a fulfillment company to produce our first products and any orders placed through the site would go directly to them to make. We quickly came to the realization that this was not working as orders were taking too long to be sent out so we bounced around between factories to find one we was happy to produce our products. This turned out to be a defining moment in our history as it ultimately led to us closing the business for a short period due to being let down time and time again.

Through much of 2019 in to 2020 - Monday to Friday I worked full time as a vehicle technician then every weekend I was selling products at market stalls to help recoup some of the money spent and to help move forward with the next chapter of Superior.

Once all the old stock was sold I made the decision to relaunch Superior. In between working full time doing parcel delivery in 2020, I spent most of my spare time researching and implementing changes to the look and feel of the brand. The relaunch went through a 6 month stage to complete because this time everything needed to be right. We found factories and a design company that not only produce high quality products but understand the vision of the brand. Each product now goes through a strict process from design stage, sampling, resampling to bulk production. 

I look at our failures as valuable lessons that have helped shape how we operate as a brand to this day.

- Luke