The Story Behind The Brand

You were Born to be Superior -  believe in yourself to achieve your goals. 

Written by founder - Luke Hennessy

When I started the brand back in 2017 I came in to an industry that I didn’t have much knowledge of, it was a planned move but also a rushed one as I launched a men’s line as well as a women’s which was too much for a start up.

I look back on those early years and if I could go back I would as I rushed in to using several suppliers without sampling or researching in to them more which ultimately cost me a lot of money.

I had a belief that the more products I brought in the more I would sell but I now know that was a bad business move. The saying quality is better than quantity is such a true statement. It’s been a very rough 4 years with failure after failure, people promising things and never going ahead with them, getting in to debt trying to keep the brand moving, sleepless nights and the constant thoughts of what can I do to make this work. The business literally consumed me and there wasn’t a day that went that I wasn’t working on it making little to no progress. I gave up in 2019 and closed the business for several weeks but I genuinely believe the universe was trying to tell me something as I was handed a life line and so I relaunched Superior.

I spent months researching factories, sizing, packaging, how to advertise the brand and changing the look right down to our new logo. We now get our clothing made in Turkey, caps in China, packaging/stickers/bags sourced from 3 different factories and a design company that make our vision a reality.

Superior now has a strict process in place which is why products take months before they are released as my past mistakes have given me valuable experience so every detail is looked at and changed if needed. Everything has its own size right down to the labels or specific text where we are giving millimetre measurements to the factories. One of the hardest parts is visualising how a product looks without seeing it but when you see what started as an idea selling well it makes everything worth it.

I’m proud of what the brand has become and excited to see where it will go. Its living proof that anything is possible if you truly believe in it, I have worked full time delivering parcels the whole time Superior has been going and still do. All those early morning market stalls in the freezing cold selling products to working all day then coming home to work on the brand and send out orders, it’s been the most challenging and stressful years of my life but I have never stopped believing in it.

This isn’t an overnight success story, this has been a long journey and a huge learning curve but like everything there is light at the end of the tunnel. The brand is moving in the right direction and we have a solid team around us who believe just as much as me.

I appreciate everyone who has supported us whether that has been by purchasing, sharing or liking our content. Every action has helped us progress and it never goes unnoticed. 

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