Cap Care

Keep your Superior cap looking fresh. If your cap has light staining then follow our quick clean guide or our deep clean guide for heavy staining/marks that don't come off with a quick clean!

If you just need to remove particles such as dust then a soft brush is quick and easy and won't damage the fabric.

To remove creases/dents within the fabric we advise using a hair dryer to heat up the area on the outside and inside then placing the cap over a ball or similar shaped item and applying pressure to help reshape it. 

We do not advise putting your cap through the washing machine as can damage the shape if the front panel bends so please follow the information provided below.

The Quick Clean
  1. Fill a clean sink with cool water add a drop of laundry detergent. Dunk the cap and agitate water to create suds.
  2. Use a soft brush or cloth on the stained areas to allow the detergent to work in to the fabric better and leave the hat to soak for at least 10 minutes.
  3.  Remove cap and rinse thoroughly with cool water to remove any detergent
  4. Gently squeeze excess water out but avoid twisting
  5. Use a clean towel to pat down the cap and leave it to dry
The Deep Clean
  1. Fill a clean sink with cool water and add a color-safe product such as Vanish Oxi Advanced (Do not use a normal bleach product as this can damage the colours in the products)
  2. Allow cap to soak in water. You can use a soft toothbrush to apply solution to specific stains.
  3. Let the cap soak in the solution for about one hour or as advised on the instructions of the solution you are using.
  4. Rinse the cap in cool water and use a clean towel to pat down.
  5. Leave to dry 

Once you have cleaned your cap and it is completely dry, take a soft brush and gently brush the fabric of the cap to give it a soft feel.