Never give up

Never give up

My name is Luke Hennessy - Founder & owner of Superior Attire

As Superior turns 6 years old I want to show everyone that if you truly believe in something to never give up because no matter how hard it gets, you never fail until you stop trying.

Superior started as a bedroom brand and to this day I still work full time in another business and run Superior by myself. It’s been a massive learning curve making big mistakes along the way and ultimately not running the brand correctly, it’s only been the past 2 years with a relaunch that I feel like I am finally getting somewhere and I have every intention to keep raising the bar and taking the brand to new heights.

What I am about to show you is within the first 5 years of Superior. You look at these statistics and you would say why didn’t you give up and truthfully there was times I wanted to because by year 3 I had already spent a lot of money and time trying everything.

The first year of Superior the website took £92 and by year 3 had only taken £465 across 12 months. Crazy right?

Fast forward to 2023 and the brand operates in a completely different way with consistency and strict processes. Products go from design stage to sample stage where changes are made and they then enter a second sample stage before bulk production starts. We source products & packaging from 6 different factories that we have grown to trust and they understand our passion for producing high quality products. 
A part of me is glad we went through the mistakes and bad experiences at the start because this is the best way you can learn and ultimately has shaped the brand in to what it is today. 

2022 was a turning point where turnover increased by 909% on the year before and orders over 970% increase. This continued with 2023 increasing even further.

The brand has continued on an upwards trajectory and has blown 2023 which was our best year out the water. By mid 2024 sales had seen an increase of over 1100% and orders over 649% at the same stage as the year before.

Why do I show this data? Because the brand represents that never give up attitude because we are all Born to be Superior. I could of given up at £92 in the first year but this shows you what happens when you never stop believing and learn from your mistakes. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has supported us.




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